A selection of Garden and Field Gates are held in stock in various sizes.

We are now a Stockist for Charltons Gates which are available for order.

Round Top Gate (Matchboard Construction)

1800mm x 900mm

Framed Featheredge Gate

1750mm x 900mm

Matchboard Gates (Made to Order)

Our 'Made to Order' Matchboard Gates are available with a Square or Arched top.
They can be manufactured using either ex 19 x 125, or ex 25 x 125 matching and are supported by ex 38 x 75 planed back braces for extra stability.

Norwich Gate

1800mm x 900mm

Madrid Gate

1800mm x 900mm

Field Gates

915mm x 1200mm
1220mm x 1200mm
1520mm x 1200mm
1883mm x 1200mm
2440mm x 1200mm
3050mm x 1200mm
3660mm x 1200mm

Palisade Gate

900mm x 900mm
1200mm x 900mm

Palisade Gate (Round Top Only)

1800mm x 900mm

Solid In-fill Front Gate

900mm x 900mm

Cross Top Front Gate

900mm x 900mm